Coaching | 1 on 1


I’ve had a number of my photography worshop participants ask me for special coaching. I’ve been told that I am like a fitness coach and after taking one or a number of my classes, my students want and need ongoing teaching and support.


I’ve also had a number of students ask me for help on projects that they are involved with…and need help with !


I will be charging $75.00 per hour for photo-coaching. ( plus HST )

I will also sell certificates for 10 hours of coaching at $500 (plus HST ). These blocks of hours can be used as needed ( by appointment ) and effectively bring the cost down for frequent users.


I will still be carrying on with my photo worshops at $99 for a three hour session.

I strongly suggest that all my clients finish the “Level One” , Basic Photography Worshop…as all the other worshops and coaching literally build on what is introduced in that class !