Workshop Testimonials

I’m very impressed with how you’ve adapted to the changes in the business environment for photography. The workshops are a great way to go!


Jaan Pill

Finally a photography workshop with an award winning photographer who is ready to share his wealth of knowledge and experience.  From the first time I connected with him on the phone, Walter Psotka allowed me to share my own experiences and all of my ideas that I wanted to bring up in his classes.  We had an instant connection and I feel that I had made the right choice in choosing him as my mentor.  His studio is in the heart of downtown Toronto which was perfect for me and the class size was very intimate.  In the past I have taken other workshops and unfortunately unable to ask the instructor the questions that I had for them and in most cases the class size was too big.  Hands on experience is what lacked as well and Walter provided this for us in his workshop.  I felt a sense of belonging and felt that my opinions mattered to him.  Attention to detail is very important in this environment whether you are an amateur photographer or a professional photographer, he explains it all to you.  Walter understands his pupils and is willing to put himself out there and answer whatever question you have so thank you for that.  I am looking forward to returning to class this week for my level 3 course which specializes in Photoshop and I’m excited to learn some of the tricks of the trade.  Be ready with your questions and show some of your work, he is more than willing to critique them for you.  I am glad that there are offers to businesses like Living Social, otherwise I may not have had the opportunity to meet Walter Psotka.

Steve Bulloch | Photographer