Executive Portraits Service

A good photo: gets attention and will invite the client to get to know you.
A poor photo: is like wallpaper.  A blank expression, neither engaging or inviting and will not bring results.

Walter engages his clients in an interactive portrait session.  He will very quickly take a number of reference photos of his client and then invite him/her to view them on a monitor.  This is often the very first time that this person has seen a professional looking photograph of themselves………

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Weddings & Events Service

Hire one of Toronto’s premiere wedding photographers to immortalize your special day!

Walter has many services ranging from simple to very elaborate.  Read more on the full service page for details.  Or create your own package if you don’t see what you need here!  Call or E mail Walter for details and quotes. 

Walter also offers several additional services you’d expect from a high end service; such as on site mobile printing | editing stations and videography!

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Copy & Restoration

Photographic Copying, Scanning and Restoration

We believe in the value and integrity of a photographic portrait.

We believe that everyone should invest in archivally-finished prints of beloved family members.

We believe in photographic integrity, as these images give us a window into our past.

Walter is honoured to help you preserve your family’s heritage in photographs.

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