Bringing loved ones together, one picture at a time.


A Colour Portrait Session in our Studio or on Location


  1. We will have an interactive portrait session with you and your family.
  2. Before the session, we will discuss the purpose of the portrait.
  3. We would do something very different for a business portrait than we would do if it was for a partner or spouse.
  4. We will discuss clothing options and ask you to bring alternate pieces of clothing.  Please contact us to discuss what works best.
  5. After just a few pictures are taken, we will take you to a viewing monitor where we can see how you appear on camera.
  6. Possible changes are made, and we take another series of photographs.
  7. If you prefer, we can also go to an alternate location (additional fee may apply).



Portrait Sessions are priced at $299.95


(Typically we will spend up to 1 hour for individuals & couples, and up to 2 hours for families and larger groups.) 


Includes CD of original camera files.

BONUS:  1 retouched 8×10 portrait (for individuals & couples only.)



Retouching, Printing, Albums, and Mounting & Framing options are also available!

Please call (416) 922-1979 for pricing and more details.