Weddings & Special Events

We are now booking weddings for 2017!

Weddings & Special Events

Award Winning Wedding Photography


Hire one of Toronto’s premiere wedding photographers to capture your special day!

Many people inquire about the price of Wedding Photography… we offer several packages and services to suit every Bride & Groom.

We will work out a custom service and package just for you, or you can choose from one of our prepackaged options below.  We will always work within your budget!


Walter offers many services ranging from simple to very elaborate.   We will customize a package to suit your needs and your budget – without sacrificing quality.

Walter also offers several additional services you’d expect from a high end service; such as videography, and on site mobile printing & editing stations!




Photography Only with CD


Some people are trying to hire someone to record the day and have no idea as to what they are going to be doing with the pictures.  A two or three hour weekday wedding, often held at City Hall, where the client just wants the event recorded.

At this type of event I would typically spend another four to six hours, digitally processing the photographs taken. (That’s 6 to 9 hours of work)

You will get a CD of the original files (everyone seems to ask for that now-a-days) and a complementary retouched portrait.

  • You can order whatever you need.
  • You can put together an album
  • You can have us put it together, or you can do it all by yourself.


Starts at $500 (plus tax)


The Half Day Wedding


The photographer will spend four to six hours with you and your entourage, also including eight to ten hours of digital image processing (that’s about 16 hours of work).

You get a CD of the original files, and a complementary portrait.


$1000.00 (plus tax)


The All Day Wedding


The 12 hour extravaganza:

As above you get the CD, and a complementary portrait. (That includes about 15 to 20 hours of digital file processing for a total of 30 hours of work)

$1,500.00 (plus tax)

*A deposit of  ½  the price of your package is due when booking your wedding.  The balance including the applicable sales taxes is due on or before your wedding day.



Value Added Packages


A package is a minimum order when you commit to our various packages.  Significant savings over our a-la-carte pricing is applied.


On our Half Day Coverage

$1500 worth of product is added to our time charge of $1000.  A total value of $2500, discounted $500


Package price:  $2000.00


On our Full Day Coverage

$2500 worth of product is added to our time charge of $1500.  A total value of $4000, discounted $1000.


Package price:  $3000.00


*Studio Package credits can be applied to online purchases as well as purchases made directly from our studio.  Packages must be paid in full by the end of the wedding day to qualify for discounts.



Additional Services


We also offer on location printing, gift portraits – bombonniere

We have a special events kit, which includes an on-location printing and fulfillment work station, with an extra operator to make finished prints.



Framed 4×6 prints are $10.00 Minimum order 50 prints
Framed 5×7 prints are $15.00 Minimum order 40 prints
6×8 prints matted in 8×10 frames are $20.00
Minimum order 30 prints


* This service must be booked well in advance and prepaid by the wedding hosts.  The minimum charge of $500 is added to your package if this service is required.



Wedding Videography is also offered by our studio.

Half Day Coverage with editing and 3 DVDs 

Starting at $1500.00  (With second camera, and extras add $500)


Full Day Coverage with editing and 3 DVDs

Starting at $2000.00 (With second camera and extras add  $1000)


Add engagement party or bridal shower coverage to videos for an additional $500


Engagement Portrait


An engagement portrait session, either in our studio or in a park is often done to create a beautiful matted portrait. This can be displayed at the Wedding Reception and signed by the guests.

A $300 deposit is requested which will be credited to the Framed Enlargement.  Effectively the session will be complimentary.