Commerical Photography

Commerical Photography


This type of photography encompasses virtually any type of photography that a client might need to highlight their product or service.

This can be done in our studio, in the client’s office, or at another location.  Usually we discuss the client’s needs and expectations, all the while keeping in mind how the images will be used.

High-quality Commercial photographs will highlight and enhance a company’s products and/or services.





Portraits of key executives in their work environment can have many uses:

  • On the company letterhead
  • In newsletters & trade publications
  • In press releases for newspapers & magazines
  • On company websites
  • In brochures & advertisements


Pricing starts at:


       $300.00 for 2 hours  (Plus materials & prints)

       $600.00 for ½ day  (Plus materials & prints)

       $1200.00 for Full-day  (Plus materials & prints)