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Executive & Business Portraits


The Executive Portrait


A good photo: gets attention and will invite the client to get to know you.

A poor photo: is like wallpaper.  A blank expression, neither engaging or inviting and will not bring results.


I engage my clients in an interactive portrait session.  I will quickly take a number of photos of my client and then invite him/her to view them on a monitor.  We analyze, obtain feedback, make some suggestions, and then take some more photos based on the clients likes and dislikes. Usually we will end up choosing an appropriate photo, and possibly a few alternatives for future use.

An We always work towards giving our clients a wide range of options and choices of expression.


The Business Portrait – Studio Package


  • 1 interactive photo session
  • Digital file processing
  • Retouching and optimizing the chosen pose in Black and White as well as Colour in multiple file formats and resolutions, allowing you to add the photographs to virtually any program or application
  • All the above saved to a CD
  • A bonus of  2 – 5×7 prints

Package Price
$300 (plus tax)
Retouching, file conversions on CD, 2 – 5×7 prints of an additional pose        
$95.00 (plus tax)
Session only with contact sheet, and original file saved on a CD  
$200 (plus tax)
* Session “on location” (usually in the clients place of business)
Add $150 (plus tax)


* A “go-and-see“ visit may be required to access lighting conditions and backgrounds, for location photography. 
This is usually included at no extra charge.  Reasonable travel within Metro Toronto is included.